The Pit Stop

When you make a pit stop, it's essential that you know what to expect from your team.
Here's the process if you choose to hire our crew.

our process



Step 1

Concept & Estimate

We'll start by discussing what you're looking for and trying to achieve with your project. We'll also cover the initial ideas for theme, design and the colors you'd like.

We'll then take these to our design team for a time estimate.

If you agree on the estimate, you'll pay 50% upfront and will be billed for the remaining balance upon delivery of your project.

step 1 concept and estimate

Step 2

Design Proposal

Now that you've agreed on the estimate and paid the initial billing, our design team will then start creating some mockups for your project.

We'll present them for your review within 7 business days.

step 2 design proposal

Step 3

Review & Approve

After you see your mockups, you can offer feedback and comments. The feedback round should not exceed 3 rounds or we can fall into an endless cycle of minor change requests.

It's better to save the small details for the polishing stage after the core of the project has been delivered. This will speed up the process and keep your budget down.

After you approve the mockups the team will start designing your project based on the approved mockups.

step 3 review and approve

If your project is web based...


Step 4


Now that your design has been completed, the design team will have the images sliced into code worthy chunks for the web team to begin their coding magic.

step 4 coding

Step 5


Now that we have a working version of your site in our testing servers, our QA team can squish any bugs they see and ensure everything meets the project requirements.

step 5 testing

Step 6

Deploy Project

After you approve your site in the staging environment, we'll bill you for the remaining balance.

After payment, we'll move your site into the production environment using hosting we manage for you, or your own service for the world to see.

We will fix any small errors not found in the QA stage, or make minor changes that are less than 1 hour of work free of charge.

Any changes or fixes longer than 1 hour will be billed on the same rate we were billing you.

Congratulations, you'll be out of the pits!

step 2 design proposal
You’re back in the race!

You’re back in the race!

Ready for a Pit Stop?