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Virtual Wonders Web Solutions was created in 2009 to support the needs of the little guy. You know, the one who's bootstrapping their business with no Angel investors to cushion the daily cash crunch.

We are a crazy and fun group of likeminded individuals who take pride in our unique, family oriented atmosphere which has been cultivated by bright minds who are not only super fun and hardworking, but are also dedicated to excellence in their field.

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Virtual Wonders Web Solutions creates and supports a variety of products ranging from lead capture websites, complete prospecting and training systems, domain management , POP email accounts, Facebook fan pages, twitter backgrounds, business cards, brochures and other offline promotional tools and more.

You name it, if your business needs help to promote, grow and expand we create it or offer it.

Our web applications allow entrepreneurs to focus on doing what their best at, building their business. We develop hi-tech tools that allow you to promote and convert leads to business and keep it hi-touch.


We are a family owned business operating from the sunny Philippines. We chose to locate to Alaminos city which is in the province of Pangasinan, which literally means 'Where salt is made' for several reasons.

First, we found the people to be warm, polite and fun loving and certainly hard working, and the beauty of the province we felt would be a major draw for high quality people wanting to work in technology and not have to live in the city.

Pangasinan boasts of stretches of white, sandy beaches, verdant hills, scenic terrains, caves, waterfalls, ancient Hispanic churches, miraculous destinations for devotees, a vast coastline for fishing, water sports along with great food, a stable government and solid infrastructure for technology based companies like ours.

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Well it's a bit of a long story... when our Canadian founder fell in love with a Filipina who had substantial connections to the technology sector it just made the most sense to set up the office here.

We also felt that this location would allow us the inspiration to infuse our designs and products with the look that truly emulates what a lifestyle of personal freedom can look like. The tropics is an amazing place to get in the mood for kicking back and drinking out of the coconut or devouring some of the tastiest fruit you've ever had!

To add to that, the Philippines is a major player in the call center and BPO industry and offers us a huge pool of amazing people to draw from who speak excellent English and have experience dealing with multi-national clients. We truly have access to some of the friendliest and well trained support staff on the planet.


We love helping entrepreneurs because we were born from entrepreneurialism! And we don't think trying to use the technology today's business requires should be so hard.

Trying to figure out the technology to run your business can be like a time sucking vortex. That's not going to happen when you're on our team!

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